1.What services do you provide?

A: We provide comprehensive dental care for children. We want all of our patients to experience lifelong good oral health, and childhood is the best time to instill good oral health habits and to administer preventive care. To this end, we provide oral hygiene instruction, dental cleaning and fluoride treatment, diet and nutritional counseling, sealants, tooth-coloured (composite & glass ionomer) fillings, interceptive orthodontic appliances, cosmetic bonding, cosmetic bleaching, oral surgery, and space maintenance.

2. Can you bill me for my account balance?

A: All charges are due at the time of the visit. We accept cash, debit, checks, MasterCard, Visa & American Express.

3. Do you take insurance?

A: Various insurance programs pay differing amounts of each visit – often times unknown to both us and you the policy holder. Understanding this would be a logistical nightmare,so we have implemented a policy whereby payment is required on the date of the procedure. We are more than happy to file your insurance claim after payment has been received and your insurance company will send your reimbursement directly to you.

4. Can I change an appointment?

A: We just ask that you give our office 2 business days notice. This allows us to offer the time to another patient waiting for treatment.

5. How long will we have to wait in the reception area?

A: We firmly believe in the value of your time and dislike long waiting periods in the office. Please understand, however, that emergencies do arise with children and may occasionally cause unforeseen delays. Also, if everyone arrives 10 minutes prior to scheduled appointments it helps us to stay on schedule and to get your child seated at the promised time.

6. Why are twice a year visits important?

i. Regular dental visits help your child stay cavity-free! ii. Cleanings remove debris that build up on the teeth, irritate the gums and cause decay iii. Fluoride treatments renew fluoride content in the enamel, strengthening teeth and preventing cavities iv. Oral hygiene instruction/reminders improve your child’s brushing and flossing leading to a cleaner and healthier mouth v. Frequent visits provide an ongoing assessment of changes in your child’s oral health, including the eruption of new teeth, movement of teeth, dietary changes and at-home oral health routines