Behaviour Management

Q: What special techniques/technologies do you use in your office to put my child at ease?

A: Tell-show-do and distraction psychology/techniques are used to a great extent in our office. Tell-show-do is a technique which involves telling the patient what we are about to do, showing him or her using their finger, and finally doing the procedure. This is a very effective means of communication with children in an unfamiliar setting. We will also use distraction through a combination of interpersonal skills, music and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Our dentistry is gentle for good reason. The oral cavity is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body as measured by the number of sensory nerves per square millimeter. Patients who are very young, very fearful or who require extensive treatment may be candidates for sedation or general anesthesia for dental treatment. Our overall goal is to create empowered patients who go on to become strong, confident patients later in life with excellent oral hygiene.